Top 10 Places for Pre-Wedding shoot in Udaipur

Pre Wedding photography in Udaipur
Why Pre-Wedding Photography In Udaipur Is The Most Loved Thing In A Wedding?
January 31, 2019
Candid Pre-wedding Photography In Udaipur
Candid Pre-Wedding Photography In Udaipur.
February 15, 2019

Fateh Sagar a place beyond belief is perfect for pre-wedding photography.

There are many locations in and around Fateh Sagar Lake that are appropriate for a pre-wedding shoot in Udaipur.
Fateh Sagar Road and Paal (Walkway): The Fateh Sagar road is a stunning place where you can capture so many amazing shots like walking together hand in hand or taking coffee together. Tip: Because this place most of the time stay crowded, we have to shoot early in the morning with the sunrise shot.
Nehru Garden:- A garden between the water of Fateh Sagar Lake, you can shoot romantic boat ride moments and above ground shots portray romance on an island.

A paradise on the earth for your infinity love life.

Badi lake:- A beautiful place away from the busy life of the city, this location can perform as a beautifully romantic place. You just need to know the perfect place like the main pathway built on the shore of Badi Lake.

Peepliya Ji:-This place is also away from the fast running city life. Peepliya Ji main point is on height, where you can capture so many beautiful pictures.

Rani Road:-If you wish for a less crowded place then Rani Road is the perfect place. Where you can easily shoot a romantic shot like running towards each other and walking hand on hand.

A stunning place to showcase reel and real love life.

Ambrai Ghat:- A beautiful place that is suitable for capturing your romance on the shore of Lake Pichola.

Gangaur Ghat:- This place is very beautiful and perfect for the pre-wedding shoot and this place situated opposite to the amberi ghat.

Ahar Cenotaphs:- Ahar cenotaph is a historical place. This place can give your photos a historic look. This place situated east side of the Udaipur.

“A place is only good as good as people in it” you can make this city more beautiful from your love.

Doodh Talai Lake:- There are various locations near Doodh Talai Lake

Pichola Pal (Pathway):- One more Lake-view location, from here you can shoot Taj Lake Palace in the background.

Musical Garden:- From the name, you can understand all about this garden. Musical garden situated near doodh talai lake is a very good place shooting the pre-wedding shoots because in the night this garden has light, music and beautiful fountain.

City palace gives your love life a royal look.

City Palace:-If you want to give your photos a royal look than the city palace is the perfect place and prices are also affordable. Where you can feel generous and princely. City palace has so many different locations available. There is a one-time charge for entry and camera usage.

Jaisamand Lake:-This is one more beautiful place near Udaipur city, this place gives the attractive loveliness of lake bordered by the Aravalli range of mountains. Jaisamand Lake is a man-made lake but the built of the pathway and bordered besides with the lake is worth shooting.

Nothing is made, nothing disappears,your love is really like this place.

Rajiv Gandhi garden area:-If you don’t want to pay big money for gardens that provided by resorts. Rajiv Gandhi garden is the most beautiful place to shoot with a very low entry fee. You can shoot in a broad garden area.

Chandni village:- Chandni village is situated away from the busy life of Udaipur. This location is eye-catching and wonderful for a dreamy pre-wedding shoot. Chandni village provides so many stunning locations that can be used as nature’s effect in the shoot.

Rope-way:- Romancing in the air in a ropeway is quite an experience and very innovative idea for pre-wedding shoots.

Fateh Sagar Road and Paal (Walkway): The Fateh Sagar road is a stunning place where you can capture so many amazing shots.

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