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We all know that weddings are all about love, happiness, joy and all possible types of emotions. It starts with really enjoyable rituals like Haldi, Mehendi, Sangeet, varmala ceremony etc. followed by the real wedding ceremony. Throughout the wedding, you can witness so many emotions like tears of happiness and dancing aunties and so many other things.

BIDAAI- The Emotional Part of The Wedding.

We can say that this is a bittersweet ceremony which takes place at the end of the wedding. It is called farewell of the bride from her home. As the bride start a new chapter of her life with her husband. Bidaai is a ritual which is known as a goodbye. It is the most emotional part of any wedding. Only the thought of separation from their child can fill the parent's eyes with tears. All the previous rituals are just a build up to this ceremony. Everybody breaks down in tears because it is the moment of truth. Traditionally we can say that this is the new chapter of the bride's life as a wife. It is also mean the end of her role as a daughter.The distance between her in-law's house and her maternal house does not matter because during the bidaai the thought of being separated from her parents takes a real from in brides mind and it certainly feels very bad.

VARMALA- A very Beautiful Tradition

This is how From ancient time princess used to choose their husband during swayambar. Varmala is a very old tradition that people still like to follow by exchanging varmala during the marriage couples accept each other as better halves. In some places in India people still, call it Jaimala. Most people like varmala made of fresh flowers. The best combination of garland is roses, jasmine, and marigold. Some people like to use garland made of artificial flowers because artificial flowers don’t spoil the cloths during the wedding. In this ceremony, the bride puts the varmala around her husband to be first, after which the groom follows the suits. There is saying that whoever lower the head first to accept the garland remains the dominated one in the relationship.

JOOTA CHUPAI- The Fun Part of The Wedding.

Like other Indian weddings rituals, this is not an old ritual. We can say that this is a modern day tradition and very fun game. This is nowadays a very popular tradition during the wedding and takes place in every Indian wedding. This is the ceremony where couples and friends take part alongside Cousins. Traditionally, bridesmaid trying to steal the groom's shoes when he about to enter in mandap because before entering the mandap groom supposed to remove his shoes. This is the time when all the planning to steal the shoes is executed by friends and cousins. And on the other side grooms man trying to save the shoes.
If the bridesmaid succeeds in stealing the shoes, then They can force to groom to pay any amount to get his shoes back.

Throughout the wedding, you can witness so many emotions like tears of happiness and dancing aunties and so many other things.

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