6 Steps to Choose Your Wedding Photographer

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March 25, 2019
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April 11, 2019

If you have ever look at our candid photography tips, you possibly know how solidly we feel your wedding photography isn’t just another vendor. We also know that finding a good wedding photographer a bit tricky and confusing because nowadays every photographer claiming to best. So its become very hard to find out who is the best, but it doesn’t have to be that hard. We have found out 6 simplest way that will take you from choosing your photography style to perfect wedding photographer. So let’s find out!


Photography style, now you are thinking what is that, if this thought never crosses your mind, don’t worry you are not the first one to think like that. It is true that lots of couples don’t know how many wedding photography style really exist. You need to know about your wedding photography style before you start picking out flower or décor, you need to find out which photography style is perfect for you before you can start looking at photographers. Don’t stress yourself we have a handy quiz to find which kind of photography style is perfect for you.


We have made it our priority to make your wedding day lovely and most beautiful day of your life. So for that, you need to make your photographer list that contains a carefully curated list of the best wedding photographer and other vendors. You can search in your state or if you are planning to have a destination wedding than you can search for any place around the world. You need to go through your list, check each and every photographer's website, social media or even contact them directly. We want you to grab a pen and paper and make notes about why you love them so much. Believe us you will need notes when it comes time to write some emails.


At Present you have to look at so many photographers websites and social media accounts, it can be very hard to know that what you are even looking for. The first you should look that they have a website, if they are using social media accounts for their entire business, that can be a red flag for you to stay away. If you are looking at the website, there are some pages to look. First is their portfolio, which going to give you an idea about their work and what kind of wedding they enjoy capturing. You can notice regularity in their work and if its reverberate with you, you can keep them on your favorite list. You also need to look there is no common connection through their work. This can be mean they are creative and are able enough to adjust their work too according to clients demands or it could also mean that they have no powerful sense of what they are best at.


Once you have decided at least five photographers who you would like to contact, it’s time to contact them and ask some questions. One thing you need to keep in mind that this email is the start of your relationship with your wedding photographer and you are also making the first impression. One thing to avoid is that please don’t send the same email to every photographer you find online. You need to know them and their work, write in the email what you love most about their work. Then write each email to the photographer you are interested in.


You can't know a person without meeting them. Which is why face to face interview is must when you are choosing your wedding photographer. The main thing to find out how comfortable you are with the photographer behind the business. The vibe is as important as your questions in this kind of interviews. Do feel comfortable having this person follow you around all day with a camera. Do you feel confident when this person tells you stories about their past weddings?
You need to ask some basic questions like a can if the person can execute your vision and second can they make your dream come true in your budget. If professional says no, either professional need more than you can afford to bring your ideas to reality or you need to be realistic about what you can get within your budget.


You have completed your research, you have made your choices, you have made your list of pro and con lists now its time to go with your gut and make a decision. Which photographer made you feel most comfortable during the interview, which photographer shares the same vision as you do. Aa long as you're narrowed down list includes your vision and fit into your budget, you can't go wrong.

You need to know about your wedding photography style before you start picking out flower or décor for your wedding.

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